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Social Innovation Camp CEE

autor(ka): Katarzyna Darkowska
2009-07-23, 12:24
Can you imagine Facebook, Wikipedia or Travian dedicated solely to connecting social causes with bright ideas for their realization? The Social Innovation Camp (SIC CEE), a part of the Civil Society Forum in Bratislava in September 2009 will bring together talented software developers/designers and social innovators from the non-profit, commercial and public sector to create effective web-based solutions to real social problems.

Their task is for a couple of days, divided up in teams, to build effective web-based solutions to real social problems. The results will be presented to the Forum participants, voted on and the best ideas will be awarded.

How it Works (borrowed from our partners at SI Camp UK

1. Think of an idea. Think of an idea for a web-based tool that has the potential to change something important. Our ideas criteria will tell you more about the sort of thing we’re after. Your idea will need to be focused on addressing a specific social need, the technology must be central to its purpose and it must be innovative - you’ve got to make something that matters.

2. Tell us about your idea. Send your idea to the Social Innovation Camp team. There are some ideas submissions questions to help you explain what your idea is. Your idea can be ‘private’, in which case we won’t share it with anyone, or ‘public’ and we will post it online for you or others to add comments.

3. Ideas are selected by Social Innovation Camp judges. From the ideas sent to us, our judges choose the ideas which they think hold the greatest potential to create social change and will benefit most from coming to the Social Innovation Camp. All selected ideas are published online.

4. Get involved. If your idea doesn’t get picked, or if you don’t want to submit an idea in the first place, never fear, you can still get involved. In fact, you’re really important. We need the help of a huge range of people – from software developers through to business experts, from digital media lawyers to people with expertise in the problems we’re trying to solve - to help make the selected ideas a reality.

5. You can volunteer to come along for the Camp; you have to tell us what you’re interested in and what your skills are (geek, social innovator, entrepreneur etc) and we’ll help you get the most out of the Camp.

6. Camp! The Social Innovation Camp is an open space meeting. Our aim is to transform a set of early-stage concepts into prototype web-based tools in under 48 hours. It’s structured around the selected ideas, but you’ll be expected to organise yourselves into teams – often with people you’ve not met before - and they’ll be lots of discussion and practical hands-on stuff. No powerpoint in sight.

7. Show and Tell your prototype. We’re hoping that by the end of the Camp you’ll be part of a team with a basic working model for a new venture. The event will close with a Show and Tell pitching competition which will include some prizes for the winning ideas which demonstrate the greatest potential to create real change.

8. Start your venture! Social Innovation Camp is all about creating the relationships needed to start new projects and we hope your ideas won’t end with the Camp. The Social Innovation Camp team aims to give you a helping hand after the Camp to build on what you’ve created.

The call for ideas is now open! All information can be found on the SIC CEE website -


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