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The Civil Society Forum

autor(ka): Lidia Kołucka-Żuk, CEETrust
2009-09-10, 11:11
W dniach 16 - 18 września 2009 r. w Bratysławie odbędzie się Civil Society Forum, konferencja organizowana przez Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE Trust).

Transition in Eastern Europe was a world of projects once noted Steven Sampson, professor of social anthropology at Lund. How has the notion of civil society changed in Central and Eastern Europe twenty years after the fall of communism? What is the future of civic engagement and its potential to create social change in the region? Who will be helping/paying/supporting?

The Civil Society Forum in Bratislava (16th - 18th September), organized by the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE Trust) is an unprecedented meeting of individuals and ideas, working for the betterment of societies in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. Topics to be discussed at the event include the increasing involvement of e-participation in transition democracies, the impact of the economic crisis on CEE societies, interaction between civil society and other sectors, how to face a future of post EU structural funding and cultivating homegrown philanthropy in the region.

The key idea of the Civil Society Forum program is that it is participants themselves who will create the energy. Formats will be interactive with hot debates, facilitated round table discussions and open space for topics introduced by participants, as well as networking opportunities and multimedia shows. The vast majority of participants in the Civil Society Forum, rather than relying exclusively on Western funding and precedents.   are from CEE, reflecting the fact that CEE civil society is rising to stand on its own

The ( will run alongside the Forum and bring together talented software developers/designers and social innovators from the non-profit, commercial and public sector – who for 48 hours will be to creating effective web-based solutions to social problems. Social Innovation Camp CEE.

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